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Ideally I would like to meet the individual to be portrayed in person to get a good sense of the personality. If needed, I am willing to travel anywhere to facilitate a meeting. At that time I will take a series of photographs from which I will work and we will discuss the details such as size, pose, background and the approximate date of completion.

If a personal meeting is not possible I can also work from a favorite photograph you might already have. I prefer to work from a color image but I can also work from a black & white picture and "translate" that into a color portrait.

The final choice of the image to be used for the portrait will be made in mutual agreement.

I prefer to paint a portrait close to life size, so the minimum of the canvas will start at approximately 24" x 30"

Note: Travel and framing expenses will be paid by the client.

Please do not use any images from this site without the consent of the artist.

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